"What we find in Del Riego's  work ?

 ...A careful drawing, as befits his strong background in that field (with teachers of the stature of Folgueras, Magin Berenguer ...), a powerful mastery of color and choice of some elements of great beauty that transmit serenity.

 …A painting medium, pastel,  more than five centuries old, but in Spain is still largely an  undiscovered treasure, unlike in other countries (France, England, Italy ...) with a long tradition of painters who expressed their creativity through it.

A careful choice of colours, along with an elaborate technique  in  handling pastels, allow Del Riego to achieve the  varied and suggestive atmosphere  we like in his paintings.

 Asturian and Galician landscapes, with its light sometimes more intense than it looks, but always suggestive and melancholic. Castilian landscape, with its strong and robust light. Portraits and figures, bathed in a baroque light that gives warmth and invites us to engage with them. Lights from the sea and the mountains, winter lights, autumn, summer ... All different, all masterfully reflected in his paintings

 …A luminous and suggestive painting, with vivid color and rich with great realism, without reaching that stridency that sometimes mars the work of so many painters. In short, pictures to be contemplated with calm, with that calm that dominates the mostly rural environments that Del Riego shows us in this beautiful exhibition”

Angela Quiroga (Dec. 2005)

"Lively, intense, realistic and above all, bright. This could consolidate the career of Del Riego "

“La Voz de Avilés”(Sept. 2007)

"The skill of Del Riego’s finger-brushes surprised when we see the tables, , the  variety of themes, and the richness of  his colours. Del Riego’s paintings, well known beyond our borders, are based on a well worked design, looking always for the definition of volumes, avoiding flat paint, to work after with pastels, modeling with their fingers to capture the unique light of each scene and each moment."

“La Nueva España” (March 2007)

"José del Riego is, above all, a great artist. A perfectionist, worker, draftsman for which time has no value. José del Riego feels the drawing, enjoys with it, delights in the nuances, thus achieving a remarkable resolution. Often a landscape becomes his main inspiration: his landscapes, always with trees, with their roughness, are captured with an absolute perfection; his still lifes, always creative, out of the academic norms, are drawn on a basis that is conjugated in the precise tones that were necessary. And always this perfect drawing is enriched with color, using the pastel medium. A color applied, without losing the drawing base, with attention and care, conjugating very good the lighting effects. Serenity and beauty come together perfectly in his artworks"


L. Salocín,  (magazine Galart, number 335, July 2012)